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Testimonial Letter

Jim and Judi - Clear Lake


Dear Sir;


Please accept this letter of reference as commendation to the excellent roofing service you provided.


I called to have a quote and received an immediate response. George came to our house and was very professional and courteous. The quote was immediate and competitive with other quotes. I was most impressed with being able to talk with a professionaI who obviously knew their job and who was able to schedule us conveniently to our needs.


The Moriarty trucks arrived at the day and time schedule and proceeded to get to work with a crew of men that obviously had worked together before. They were very organized and protected our property well with numerous tarps and wooden barriers while others hauled up equipment and shingles. They stripped the roof quickly and went beyond the pail installing all new vents, valley iron and flashing. Double rows of ice guard was installed as were the shingles in a neat and professional manner. After all the shingles had been removed and while the roof personnel were laying shingles and fine tuning the numerous cuts on our angled roof, a yard man was busy fine tuning the grounds in a detailed clean-up.


We would be very pleased to talk with anyone who would like a recommendation.


Sincerely yours,


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